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Pokémon GO regional exclusive Pokemon list and locations September 2023

Trainers, the new “Adventures Abound” season is unfolding, and we’re diligently tracking down all the details about the regional-exclusive Pokémon you can expect this September. Pokémon GO is no stranger to the concept of regional exclusivity, taking a leaf out of mainline Pokémon games like Scarlet & Violet.

For the uninitiated, regional-exclusive Pokémon are those special ‘mons that you can only catch in specific geographical locations. Think of them as the Pokémon world’s rarest travel souvenirs. Whether it’s Tauros in the USA, Mr. Mime gallivanting across Europe, or Corsola basking in the tropics, each generation brings its own set of region-locked critters.

It’s not just about countries or continents; regional exclusivity also extends to specific geographical features. Take the Vivillon patterns, for instance, which change based on the region’s postcards. Then there’s the celestial duo of Lunatone and Solrock, who prefer specific hemispheres.

Now, most regional exclusives show up as wild spawns in their respective regions. But, you can occasionally find some hatching from eggs picked up in those places. And hey, let’s not forget those special events that might temporarily make regional exclusives more widely available.

Here’s the scoop on the confirmed regional Pokémon for September 2023. Please keep in mind that we are still gathering info and the list will be updated.

Pokemon Go All Regionals and Locations September 2023

Regional Pokemon in Americas

  • Heracross: South America, Southern Florida, and Texas
  • Corsola: Tropical areas in the Americas
  • Solrock: North America, South America, Greenland
  • Azelf: Americas, Greenland
  • Panpour: Generally everywhere in the Americas
  • Throh: North America, South America, Africa – Generally everywhere but rare
  • Durant: North America, South America, Africa
  • Maractus: South America, Various Southern States in North America
  • Carnivine: Florida and South Carolina, USA
  • Bouffalant: New York City, USA and surrounding areas

Regionals in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

  • Heatmor: Europe, Asia, and Australasia
  • Sawk: Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East – Generally rare
  • Volbeat: Europe, Asia, Australasia
  • Zangoose: Europe, Asia, Australasia – Uncommon spawn
  • Mesprit: Europe, Middle East, Africa, India – Raids when available
  • Pansear: Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India – Evolves into Simisear with an Unova Stone
  • Mime Jr.: Europe – Hatched from Eggs

Regional-exclusives in Asia-Pacific

  • Kangaskhan: Australasia
  • Pansage: Asia-Pacific – Generally everywhere
  • Torkoal: South Asia – Fairly common spawn
  • Uxie: Asia Pacific – Raids when available
  • Lunatone: Asia, Australia, Middle East, East of Greenwich in Europe

Global Regionals

  • Shellos: Global
  • Basculin: Global – Different forms regionally exclusive to the east or west of the Meridian Line
  • Vivillon: Global – Patterns depend on region
  • Flabébé: Global – Different flower forms
  • Furfrou: Global – Different trim forms

Special Notes

  • Relicanth: New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa
  • Pachirisu: Alaska, Russia
  • Sigilyph: Albania, Egypt, Greece, Israel – Rare but generally everywhere
  • Hawlucha: Mexico – Anywhere within Mexico
  • Klefki: France, Luxembourg, and other select regions in Europe

So gear up, Trainers. Time to mark your maps and plan some (virtual) globetrotting. The “Adventures Abound” season is rich with regional exclusives just waiting to join your team. Catch ’em all, wherever you are.

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