EA Investigating Game-Breaking ‘Calf Dribble’ Glitch in EA Sports FC 24

EA has announced it’s looking into a new glitch in their popular soccer game, EA Sports FC 24, which many players claim has made the game “unplayable.” The glitch, known as the “calf dribble,” allows players to lock the ball to their leg, giving them an unfair advantage. The issue has become quite prevalent, and players have started showing their frustrations on social media.

The “calf dribble” glitch lets players lock the ball to their leg with a specific input combination. This causes the ball to stick to the player’s leg, making it difficult for opponents to steal it. The glitch has been spreading on social media, and many players use it to gain the upper hand.

EA has acknowledged the issue, stating, “We’ve added a new issue to the EASFC Tracker that we’re investigating. The ball can incorrectly stick to a dribbler’s leg as they run in some situations.” However, as of the time of writing, the glitch remains unfixed. The Weekend League, a high-stakes competition within the game, has been particularly affected. Many reports of players using the glitch to break the competitive balance completely have emerged.

Player reactions have been quite adverse, with many taking to social media to express their frustration. The glitch has had a noticeable impact on the quality of gameplay, as it undermines the skill and fairness that are usually central to EA Sports FC 24. Calls for immediate action are growing louder as the glitch continues to disrupt the game.

Weekend League, one of the most competitive modes in EA Sports FC 24, has been significantly impacted by the glitch. Reports are coming in that players use the “calf dribble” to gain an unfair advantage, leading to skewed results and an overall less enjoyable experience. This raises concerns about the integrity of this mode and its standing within the competitive gaming community.

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