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Madden NFL 24 Kicks Off Season 2 with New Update

A new update is now live across all platforms as of October 4. This update kicks off Season 2, “Unstoppable,” bringing many changes and additions to the game. While the official patch notes are not yet available, we have some insider info on what to expect, thanks to the game’s social media channels.

The new Field Pass is here. Although details are scant, players can likely expect exclusive rewards and challenges that make grinding those levels more rewarding.

This update will also introduce new player abilities into the mix. What does this mean? Expect new skills and talents to explore, which could shift the game’s balance and teach new play strategies.

For those who enjoy the aggressive side of the game, “Weekly Angry Runs” is making an entrance. While it’s unclear what this will involve, the name suggests something intense and angry. Perhaps new challenges centered around rushing plays?

The update also teases the “Most Feared” event, which will likely roll out later in October. Players should keep an eye out for unique Halloween-themed content.

Regular features like the Team of the Week will continue to be a part of the Madden experience. Additionally, Hispanic Month is listed among the elements, so it’s reasonable to anticipate some form of celebration or recognition within the game.

As we await the full patch notes, this sneak peek gives us a good idea of the exciting changes coming to Madden NFL 24. Whether you’re a fan of strategy or just here for the love of football, there’s something new for everyone to explore in Season 2, “Unstoppable.”

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