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Madden NFL 24 November 16 Update, Patch Notes and more

EA has just rolled out Madden 24 update. Launched on November 16 across all platforms, this update marks the beginning of Season 3, packed with new events and surprises.

Midway through the season, we’re seeing players like CeeDee Lamb making significant strides, hinting at exciting times ahead. The complete patch notes are currently missing, but this is what was revealed earlier:


Madden NFL 24 November 16 Patch Notes

Earn storied NFL playmakers with all-new abilities (PS5™, Xbox Series X|S, and PC only) on the Field Pass, feast on Ultimate Team™ rewards during Harvest and Blitz: PREM1ERE, and flash your skills in the first Superstar Showdown live event: the SNICKERS Fum-Bowl coming soon (PS5™, Xbox Series X|S, and PC only).



There’s plenty to be thankful for during Ultimate Team Harvest this season. Fill your plate with 92 OVR Champions, Thanksgiving Day Players that get upgraded if they play well on Turkey Day, and Hungry Harvest Players that upgrade even more when fed a Turducken collectible.


Earn dominant rookies in a class of their own during Blitz: PREM1ERE, starting November 23. Chase 92 OVR Champions equipped with a speed rating boost, pick up an upgradable player item at login, and play the fast-paced “Blitz OT” House Rules mode for more rewards.


Work your way up the Season 3: Run It Back Field Pass to earn storied NFL playmakers like Michael Vick, Darren Woodson, and Barry Sanders, all equipped with brand-new abilities. Note: PS4™ and Xbox One users can earn these weekly player items but they will not have the new abilities.

  • Michael Vick | QB | 93 OVR
    • Earn Vick by logging in to Ultimate Team during Season 3.
    • Starting OVR is 85, can be upgraded to a 93 OVR with collectibles earned at various levels of the Field Pass (Level 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50).
    • Vick will unlock a new superstar ability, Backyard QB, once fully upgraded.
      • Backyard QB description: Passers with this ability have access to four extra hot routes during preplay adjustments and receive more immediate playmaker reactions from WRs.
    • Vick will also receive his own special X-Factor, ‘04 Vick.
      • ‘04 Vick description: Run it back with Vick! The ultimate cheat code will have improved scrambling speed leaving the pocket.
        • Activation Requirements: Rush 1+ yards 8 times
        • Deactivation Requirements: Don’t get tackled for a loss
        • Note: QB scrambles on passing plays or designed QB runs will count towards the activation
  • Bruce Matthews | LG | 92 OVR
    • Earnable at Level 45.
    • Matthews comes with a new superstar ability, Omniscient.
      • Omniscient description: Players with this ability can detect user-controlled defenders before the snap; as well as 3rd and 4th down blitzers. Can be bluffed.
  • Darren Woodson | SS | 91 OVR
    • Earnable at Level 35.
    • Woodson comes with a new superstar ability, Deep Zone KO.
      • Deep Zone KO description: Defenders with this ability force more catch knockouts and react quicker in deep zone coverage; 20+ yards from the LoS.
  • Barry Sanders | HB | 90 OVR
    • Earnable at Level 15.
    • Starting OVR is a 90 and can be upgraded to a 91 OVR with a collectible earned at Level 55 (note: the collectible earned at Level 55 can only be applied to either Sanders or Hendricks. The collectible is interchangeable and can be applied to either player at any time depending on team fit.)
    • Sanders comes with a new superstar ability, Backyard HB.
      • Backyard HB description: When lined up at running back; players with this ability have access to four additional hot routes during preplay adjustments; and react more promptly to playmaker inputs.
  • Ted Hendricks | LOLB | 90 OVR
    • Earnable at Level 5.
    • Starting OVR is a 88 and can be upgraded to a 90 OVR with a collectible earned at Level 25. Hendricks can be upgraded even further to a 91 OVR by applying a collectible to his item earned at Level 55 (note: can only be applied to either Sanders or Hendricks. The collectible is interchangeable and can be applied to either player at any time depending on team fit.)

Level 2: Gold Player Pack

Level 3: 10,000 Coins

Level 4: Gold Player Pack

Level 5: 88 OVR Ted Hendricks Player Item

Level 6: 10,000 Coins

Level 7: Random Strategy Item

Level 8: Playmaker Pack

Level 9: 10,000 Coins

Level 10: Michael Vick Upgrade Token

Level 11: Gold Player Pack

Level 12: 10,000 Coins

Level 13: Uniform Item

Level 14: Max Fantasy Pack

Level 15: 90 OVR Barry Sanders Player Item

Level 16: 10,000 Coins

Level 17: Random Strategy Item

Level 18: Playmaker Pack

Level 19: 10,000 Coins

Level 20: Michael Vick Upgrade Token

Level 21: Uniform Pack

Level 22: Random Strategy Item

Level 23: Max Fantasy Pack

Level 24: 10,000 Coins

Level 25: Ted Hendricks Upgrade Token

Level 26: Playmaker Pack

Level 27: 10,000 Coins

Level 28: Pro Playmaker Pack

Level 29: 10,000 Coins

Level 30: Michael Vick Upgrade Token

Level 31: 10,000 Coins

Level 32: Max Fantasy Pack

Level 33: 10,000 Coins

Level 34: Uniform Pack

Level 35: 91 OVR Darren Woodson Player Item

Level 36: 10,000 Coins

Level 37: Max Fantasy Pack

Level 38: 10,000 Coins

Level 39: Star Elite Pack

Level 40: Michael Vick Upgrade Token

Level 41: 10,000 Coins

Level 42: Pro Max Fantasy Pack

Level 43: 10,000 Coins

Level 44: Playmaker Pack

Level 45: 92 OVR Bruce Matthews Player Item

Level 46: 10,000 Coins

Level 47: Star Elite Pack

Level 48: 10,000 Coins

Level 49: Pro Playmaker Pack

Level 50: Michael Vick Upgrade Token

Level 51: 20,000 Coins

Level 52: Season 4 XP Collectible

Level 53: Star Elite Pack

Level 54: 20,000 Coins

Level 55: Ted Hendricks/Barry Sanders Choice Upgrade Token

Level 56: 20,000 Coins

Level 57: Epic Strategy Fantasy Pack

Level 58: Star Elite Pack

Level 59: 20,000 Coins

Level 60: Triumph Elite Pack



  • Don’t drop the ball in the all-new SNICKERS FUM-BOWL live event featuring a SNICKERS arena takeover coming soon.
    • Players will almost always fumble the ball when hit.
    • Try to avoid defenders on your way to the end zone.
    • Standard Showdown scoring rules apply.


  • SNICKERS gear for your avatar
  • Win during the live event to earn the new Superstar Showdown ability, Safeguard. The new ability, once applied to your avatar, will prevent fumbles on later downs.
    • The new ability only works on your avatar in Superstar Showdown.
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