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Pokémon GO Pikachu Showcases glitch, Pikachu points inconsistent with leaderboard scores

Trainers, if you’ve been excited about the Pikachu PokéStop Showcases, we’ve got some news that might dampen your spirits. It seems that the Pikachu Showcases are experiencing issues, much like the previous glitches with the Growlithe Showcases. In both instances, the points displayed for the showcased Pokémon, Hisuian Growlithe previously and Pikachu now, are inconsistent with what’s on the leaderboard.

For those who need a refresher, PokéStop Showcases were introduced during the Pokémon GO 7th Anniversary Party, kicking off with Squirtle as the inaugural star. The process is straightforward, PokéStops hosting Showcases will have a unique icon above them. T icon turns from green to purple when you tap the PokéStop and then tap “Showcase” to enter a Pokémon. Just a heads-up, you need to be physically close to the PokéStop to enter a Showcase.

Here’s something to keep in mind, Showcases will be recurring at the same PokéStops throughout the season. So, if you find a convenient location, it might be worth visiting regularly. And don’t worry about your showcased Pokémon; you can still trade, transfer, or evolve them as you like. Just note that each Pokémon can only be in one Showcase at a time.

Back to the current issue, several players have alerted Niantic Support about the problem with Pikachu Showcases. The points for Pikachu don’t match up with those on the leaderboard. So, is this a temporary issue or something more serious?

If you’re experiencing this glitch, know that you’re not alone. Niantic and Pokémon GO are aware of it, and we’re all hoping for a fix soon. In the meantime, how is this affecting your gameplay? Share your thoughts and let’s keep the community dialogue active.

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