Arcadian Atlas debuting on consoles November 30, featuring unique combat skills and campaign encounters

The story of Arcadian Atlas reminds me of something, of a certain forbidden love with a not-so-good ending. But, luckily, the player is in control of the fate of the kingdom in the upcoming game named Arcadian Atlas.

Serenity Forge and Twin Otter Studios are set to launch the highly anticipated strategy RPG, Arcadian Atlas, across multiple gaming platforms on November 30, priced at $29.99. Previously available on PC via Steam since July 27, the game is now expanding its reach to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Arcadian Atlas unfolds in the midst of a civil war, where lovers find themselves torn between loyalties to their queen and a princess vying for the throne. Against this backdrop, a rogue magician with a quest to uncover the land’s secrets crosses paths with a young girl, the second heir to the throne. Together, armed with the power to shape worlds, they navigate a conflict-laden narrative.

Players will engage in deep tactical battles across diverse landscapes, commanding an army with over 12 custom classes and 150 unique combat skills. As the war for Arcadia unfolds, strategic planning becomes crucial, with the game featuring grid-based maps in various settings, from ancient ruins to snow-capped mountains.

The heart of Arcadian Atlas lies in its narrative, interweaving the stories of characters like Vashti and Desmond through 70+ unique campaign encounters. Players will explore the picturesque realm of Arcadia, enjoying a rich jazz-infused soundtrack and art nouveau-style character portraits that contribute to the game’s overall ambiance.

With its emphasis on strategy, customization, and an engaging storyline, Arcadian Atlas promises a captivating gaming experience for enthusiasts across different platforms. As the war drums echo, players are invited to rally their troops and join the epic journey to save Arcadia. The Atlas is about to awaken, and the fate of the kingdom lies in the hands of those ready to embark on this strategic adventure.

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