Our Life on Water, a life simulation RPG debuting on PC in 2024

Modernity clashing with indigenous life, something that has been happening for years and years. Putting a cultural identity at risk is something that nobody should do, and those problems are being portrayed in an upcoming game.

Different Tales has recently unveiled an intriguing addition to the world of gaming with Our Life on Water, a captivating life simulation RPG set to launch on PC via Steam in 2024. Offering players a unique blend of serene river life and supernatural exploration, this game promises to be a standout in the genre.

Set in the fictional country of Sahakom, inspired by the real-life Mekong River regions and their floating villages, players take on the role of a Rivertalker, the community’s conduit to the spiritual realm. The game introduces an array of compelling features.

The river becomes your sanctuary as you engage in the slow-paced life of a floating village. From collecting bamboo and recycling trash to crafting items and raising animals, the river setting adds a distinctive flavor to every activity. Immerse yourself in village life, attending council meetings and social events. Use charm and wit to bring people together, forging friendships, and potentially finding love. Build a strong, resilient community where mutual support helps endure the challenges that arise.

Supernatural Discoveries: Traverse the monsoon-inspired scenery reminiscent of Cambodian and Vietnamese floating villages, with a touch of magical realism. Interact with Yla, the talking otter, and explore mystical artifacts while gaining the favor of river spirits to rebuild the village.

Your choices will shape the destiny of the village and its residents. Can you heal the community’s wounds and save their homeland?

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