What The Duck announces Switch and PC versions, coming to platforms on November 9

Combining elements of exploration, complex combat, and the unique connection between you and your whimsical spirit animal, the upcoming game named What The Duck assures an extraordinary and unforgettable gaming adventure.

What The Duck, the highly anticipated game from developer Seize Studios and publisher Untold Tales, is set to make its debut on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 9. This quirky and captivating title promises an adventure filled with revenge, self-acceptance, and a unique twist – a duckling spirit animal.

In What The Duck, players are thrust into a world where the power dynamics are determined by the strength of one’s spirit animal. As you embark on your quest for recognition, you’ll be accompanied by your unconventional duckling spirit animal. Together, you’ll explore four distinct biomes brimming with quests, enemies, puzzles, secrets, mini-games, and an array of intriguing characters. Forge alliances or rivalries with fellow fighters and their spirit animals, gather valuable resources, and upgrade your arsenal and player abilities.

The game’s combat system is both intricate and dynamic. Engage in hack-and-slash battles, seamlessly switching between a variety of weapons to create devastating combos. Experiment with different weapon types and elemental buffs to gain the upper hand in fights. Don’t forget to call upon your trusty duckling buddy, whose unique abilities and attacks will make you an unstoppable force in battle.

One standout feature of What The Duck is its rhythm-based crafting mini-game, which allows you to forge powerful weapons. The better you craft in sync with the beat, the stronger your weapons become. Collect and combine resources to create the ultimate arsenal that suits your playstyle.

Your oddball duckling companion isn’t just for show; he plays a crucial role in your adventure. Take control of this feathered friend to fly, swim, solve puzzles, access hidden areas, and uncover secrets that others might overlook. Embrace your partnership and become an unstoppable duo in your journey for revenge and self-acceptance.

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