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Dead by Daylight Update January 2024

Behaviour Interactive and 505 Games have recently released a major update for Dead by Daylight, the first dev update of 2024. The update brings in a host of anticipated changes and improvements to the game, which are detailed in the patch notes.

The developer update focuses on various areas, including generator mechanics, field of view settings, and character adjustments, among others. The changes reflect the developers’ ongoing commitment to refining the game, taking community feedback into account, and ensuring an engaging and evolving experience for players.

Patch Notes for Dead by Daylight Developer Update January 2024


  • The update introduces modifications to Generators, specifically targeting how they are damaged by Killers and how regression is halted by Survivors. This is aimed at preventing excessively long matches, particularly in 3-gen scenarios where Killers focus on defending three nearby generators without engaging in normal gameplay.
  • Now, Generators are limited to a maximum of eight regression events. Killers will see an indicator showing if a Generator can no longer be damaged. This update is expected to bring a decisive end to overly prolonged matches.

FOV Setting Changes

  • A new first-person field of view (FOV) slider is introduced for Killers, allowing adjustments from 87 to 103 degrees
  • Perks altering FOV, like Shadowborn and Monitor & Abuse, will be adjusted accordingly.

The Onryo Adjustments

  • Changes to The Onryo include tweaks to the Condemned mechanic and Cursed Tapes. These adjustments are designed to balance her gameplay, appealing to both new and long-time players of The Onryo.
  • The Onryo can now chase Survivors while Demanifested, with an increased duration of invisibility in her base kit. Additionally, certain Add-Ons have been re-evaluated and adjusted.

The Hillbilly Overhaul

  • The controversial Overheat mechanic is replaced with Overdrive. This new feature allows The Hillbilly’s chainsaw to generate heat, which, when full, enhances his chainsaw abilities for a short duration.
  • The Hillbilly’s base Chainsaw Sprint speed is increased, and the Chainsaw’s collision detection is reduced for better maneuverability. Chainsaw controls have also been refined for mouse & keyboard users.

The Blight’s Add-Ons Revisions

  • Various Add-Ons for The Blight have been reworked, including Blighted Rat & Blighted Crow, Adrenaline Vial, and others, to provide a more balanced and fair gameplay experience.

Perk Updates

  • Several perks such as Save the Best for Last, Grim Embrace, Quick Gambit, and others have been updated. These changes are intended to bring better balance and consistency across different Killers and gameplay scenarios.

Ormond Gameplay Update

  • Mount Ormond Resort receives layout adjustments to improve gameplay flow and dynamics, addressing previous concerns about map traversal and dead zones.

Game Modifiers

  • A new feature in the form of limited-time game modifiers is introduced, with the first one, “Dead by Daylight – Lights Out,” set to be available in the coming months.

This developer update is now available for testing on the Public Test Build, reflecting the developers’ dedication to maintaining Dead by Daylight’s dynamic and engaging gameplay. For more detailed information and to participate in community discussions, players can join the Dead by Daylight Community Discord on January 9th at 9.30am ET. As is customary, player feedback will play a crucial role in fine-tuning these changes before the update is officially released on all platforms in the following weeks.

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