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Father and Son Team Up to Build Impressive Base in Palworld

In Palworld, a father and son duo have created something special. They play on separate computers but work together to build an impressive base. Their teamwork is getting recognized in the gaming community, especially after the dad shared a video of their base on Reddit.

Their base, still under construction, is already quite large. It’s surrounded by a tall wooden fence and has plenty of space inside. The location is strategic, with attackers needing to come down a hill, giving the duo time to get ready for any threat. The base has three floors and provides a good view of the surrounding area.

They’ve gathered Iron and the Pals are working 24/7. They work constantly to maintain the base and to keep it safe from enemies.

My son and I are working on a base. We are having so much fun!
byu/TheTrucce inPalworld

The community is excited to see how this father and son will upgrade their base. They hope to see the wooden fence turn into stone walls for better defense. It’s clear that this duo is making their mark in Palworld, and many are looking forward to seeing their base become even stronger in the future.

Stone defensive walls, here we come!

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