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Level 50 Achievement in Pokémon GO, Big Milestone, Small Rewards, and a Surprise Glitch

For every Pokémon GO player, hitting level 50 is a real badge of honor. It’s a goal that only comes after a lot of hard work and commitment. Every level-up in the game is a small party, you get that cool “Level Up!” message and some neat rewards. But, the higher you go, the harder it gets, sometimes leaving you feeling stuck.

So, imagine the thrill for this one player who finally hit level 50, a level that’s not just a number, but a real mark of a Pokémon master. This should have been a moment of pure celebration. But, just as the “Level Up! 50” message popped up, a Purified Gem notification crashed the party, popping up right over the level-up message.

And there’s more to it. The rewards for hitting level 50 are a bit of a letdown. The rewards shown in the image – just a couple of XL Candies, have some players feeling shortchanged. They don’t really seem to match up to the long grind it takes to get to level 50.

Purified gem notification kind’ve ruined my level 50 achievement
byu/ZillieZephyr inpokemongo

Reaching level 50 is all about how much you’ve put into the game, but moments like this are a little reminder that the journey’s not always smooth. Maybe as Pokémon GO keeps growing, we’ll see the rewards get a boost too, to really celebrate the trainers who’ve stuck with it all the way.

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