Palworld Perfect Anubis Crafts 201 Pal Spheres in Less than 5 Seconds

Palworld players are always trying to find interesting things in the game that can benefit the community, and this time, we have a fully bred, condensed, and fully enhanced Anubis showcasing its craftsmanship skills in a recent video shared on Reddit.

Reddit user HollowLoch shared their video in the Palworld community and received positive feedback. In the video, the player shows their fully bred, condensed, and fully enhanced Level 16 Anubis and its speed in crafting items. Anubis didn’t disappoint and crafted the maximum number of Pal Spheres in less than 5 seconds.

The player selected their Level 16 Anubis from their party and showed its stats. The Anubis, being maxed out, was given the job to craft 201 Pal Spheres and completed the task in just 5 seconds. Check it out below.

Heres how fast a fully bred, fully condensed and fully enhanced Anubis crafts
byu/HollowLoch inPalworld

Here is a different Anubis, crafting Hyper Spheres. This is not the same maxed-out Anubis, it’s non-perfect with +15 work speed. The player says the difference between the two is 130% work speed.

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The player also shared some tips on how to breed this super-Anubis, so for those interested, feel free to find out more below.

How to Breed Super Anubis in Palworld Tips

The first thing you’re going to want is the same traits that the player has in the video on any pal (Serious, Lucky, Work Slave, and Artisan).

Next, you’re going to want to use a breeding calculator to figure out how to transfer those traits from the pal they’re on to an Anubis. The player uses this breeding calculator. This method is easier than just catching a bunch of Anubis or breeding Anubis together and trying to get the traits on it through that process.

For example, if your only Artisan Pal is Rushoar, then breed a Rushoar with an Incineram to get an Artisan Broncherry. Next, breed the Artisan Broncherry with a Relaxaurus until you get an Artisan Anubis. Do this until you have all four traits on four separate Anubis.

Then, breed the Anubis together until you have two Anubis with the combined traits of the parents. For example, breed the Artisan and Lucky together until you have an Artisan/Lucky child, and breed the Serious and Work Slave together until you have a Serious/Work Slave child. Make sure they are of opposite genders too.

Then, breed those two together and repeatedly replace them with better ones until you hatch your perfect one. For example, if you hatch a Work Slave/Serious/Artisan one, then replace the Work Slave/Serious one with it. (You might not have to do this; however, there’s a lot of different info on breeding – some say it takes two traits from the parents, some say it takes randomly from all traits, or randomly from a random number of traits, etc. – test it out for yourself! This is the way they’ve personally had the most success though).

The player tries not to get other abilities onto their pals when breeding, but usually, they will use an “Artisan/Serious/Dragonkiller/Coldblooded” for example, until they get a regular “Artisan/Serious,” since it can sometimes be a pain to get the secluded abilities you need.

You are all set now, so let’s see those super-Anubis and what else they can do.

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