Smite 2 is Coming to PlayStation 5 with Unreal Engine 5, Alpha Test Sign Ups are Now Availabl

With over 40 million players ascending to godhood and engaging in battles in the game named Smite, it is now time to get ready for the next evolution of the godly action, Smite 2.

Finally, we have some good news, and we are glad to hear that Smite 2 is coming over to the PlayStation 5 platform, with Unreal Engine 5. Now, that is quite exciting, isn’t it? Well, that is not all though.

If you wish to test the game, you can already sign up for the Alpha testing, where you will see many fun things related to Smite 2.

Smite 2 will have all the playable gods from mythologies we all know and love, as well as the third-person combat that its predecessor is known for. What is new in the sequel is that it will have a more impactful action, with enhanced strategy and player creativity.

This new and upcoming name will have something new, and that is the combination of action combat that is similar to hero shooters. It will also have improvements in combat immersion, with tweaked camera movements, rebuilt abilities with better visual effects, as well as a modernized UI for better readability.

A revamped item shop is also on the table, where gods will not be limited to being strictly physical or magical, thus allowing players to buy items based on Strength or Intelligence. What we knew of Relics, will now be named Active Abilities, due to giving players more flexibility and strategic choices.

The developers behind the game, Titan Forge Games, will make sure to honor Smite in Smite 2, where every gem that is spent in Smite will be transferred to Smite 2, and Legacy Gems will be covering up to 50% of the new purchases. This is also valid for Achievements and God Mastery levels, which will be carried over to Smite 2 through badges.

That is divine news, folks.

One last thing, you can carry on with your gameplay in Smite, or you can participate in the Alpha test for Smite 2 if you want to be the one that will change the course of the game.

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