Tekken 8 Surprises with 2 Million Units Sold

The latest installment in Bandai Namco’s iconic fighting game series, Tekken 8, has significantly outperformed expectations in terms of sales, according to the company. Released just last month, Tekken 8 quickly garnered high praise, marking it as one of the successes among the major video game releases of 2024.

Bandai Namco announced during its quarterly financial briefing that Tekken 8 has reached a milestone of 2 million units sold globally in under three weeks after its launch, surpassing the sales pace of its predecessor, Tekken 7, which took approximately two months to achieve the same figure. Moreover, Tekken 8 has achieved a peak concurrent user count on Steam that more than doubles that of Tekken 7.

Compared to other recent releases in the fighting game genre, Tekken 8 is also performing exceptionally well. For example, Street Fighter 6 took about five weeks to sell 2 million units, while Tekken 8 exceeded this number in a shorter period. In the UK, Tekken 8’s physical sales at launch were more than double those of Street Fighter 6. Additionally, Mortal Kombat 11 reached 3 million units sold just over four months after its release, showcasing Tekken 8’s strong performance in a competitive market.

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