The Mixed Bag of Skull and Bones’ Open Beta

Ubisoft’s latest game, Skull and Bones, is a pirate-themed offering that recently invited players to set sail in its open beta. The game promised adventure and an opportunity to take on the high seas. Considering the success of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, expectations were sky-high. However, the game turned out to be a mixed bag of thrilling naval combat and a cumbersome MMO experience. As a result, players had both an exhilarating and frustrating voyage.

The game throws players right into the midst of action, taking on the role of a pirate commanding a galleon against a formidable British fleet. This opening scene sets the stage for an exciting pirate adventure. However, the excitement is somewhat dampened as players find themselves on the shore and struggle to navigate through a confusing character-creation process. The inability to see certain character modifications in detail, such as tattoos and hairstyles, gives the impression of an unfinished toolset and leaves much to be desired.

After completing the tutorial, players take control of a smaller ship in Skull and Bones. The game aims to combine intense naval combat with an expansive MMO world. However, this ambition seems to hinder the experience with every horizon filled with numerous gamertags and half-baked mechanics. Land exploration feels slow, and interactions with NPCs lack engagement, failing to establish the player’s identity or connection to the world.

The game seems to mix classic MMO quests, which don’t quite fit with the pirate theme of freedom and adventure. Waiting for resources to spawn is frustrating, especially when other ships snatch them away before you can get them. This makes the life of piracy more tedious than exciting. It’s a reminder that some MMO problems have already been solved by others, but they still appear here without being addressed.

One area where Skull and Bones truly excels is in its naval combat. Taking control of your ship feels like conducting an orchestra, with the vast ocean acting as your stage. While the absence of boarding actions can be easily noticed, the variety of combat options, ranging from cannon fire to ramming attacks, ensures that battles remain immersive and exciting. It is during these moments, out on the open sea, that the game truly comes to life and allows players to experience the thrill of being a pirate captain.

The world of Skull and Bones serves as both a stunning setting and a challenging opponent. Navigating through storms provides a thrilling and hazardous cinematic experience, testing players’ skills as captains. Customizing the ship adds a personal touch to the voyage, enabling players to personalize their adventure on the open waters.

Skull and Bones presents a paradoxical experience. It’s a game that can, at one moment, make you feel like the most fearsome pirate ever to sail the seven seas and in the next, leave you adrift in a sea of clunky mechanics and confusing design choices. If you’ve ever dreamt of captaining your pirate ship, sans the historical hardships, Skull and Bones might still be worth boarding. Just be prepared for a voyage that might not be all smooth sailing.

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