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Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global Exclusive Shiny Bonus for Ticket Holders Only

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go have announced all the details regarding Go Fest 2024, and we will focus on the Global Go Fest and the bonuses.

This year, Pokemon Go players participating in the Global Go Fest will have the chance to encounter over 70 Pokemon in 2 days, on July 13, and July 14, 2024. Pokemon Go players will also enjoy special bonuses, but not all bonuses are free.

Those who have a ticket will be able to unlock exclusive content, rewards, and bonuses. They also have the opportunity to access and complete the exclusive Special Research featuring Marshadow.

Pokemon Go players who have a ticket will also have the opportunity to work together on a Global Task for a special bonus.

This event definitely has a lot going for it, but you must have a ticket to get it all.

Global Go Fest 2024 also offers exclusive bonuses, which are only for ticket holders. These bonuses should be more often in the game, and it wouldn’t be bad if everyone could enjoy them.

What we like the most is the ‘Increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon’ bonus. Imagine all 70 Pokemon that are exclusive to Go Fest 2024 being shiny when encountered.

We expect to catch a lot of Shiny Pokemon during the event, so if you have a thing for Shiny Pokemon, we recommend getting the ticket.

Here is a list of free, and paid bonuses for the Go Fest 2024.

Go Fest 2024 Free and Paid Bonuses


  • One-hour Lure Module duration
  • Field Research themed around the different Pokemon habitats
  • Surprise encounters in Go Snapshot – when taking snapshots during the event, you never know who might show up


  • Increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon
  • Up to six Special Trades can be made each day
  • Level up your Elite Collector medal by completing habitat-themed Collection Challenges!
  • Up to 9 free Raid Passes from spinning Photo Discs at Gyms
  • Special 7 km Eggs

Pokémon GO Fest 2024: Global tickets are now available in the in-game shop for US$14.99!

Trainers who purchase their ticket from the Pokémon GO Web Store will receive an exclusive GO Fest 2024 shirt avatar item. Like the GO Fest event badge, the shirt will arrive closer to the Pokémon GO Fest event.”

How do you like the Go Fest 2024 Global event and all the features and bonuses announced so far? Would you get a ticket?

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