Rise of the Ronin, Dragon’s Dogma 2, and Alone in the Dark Releasing This Week

Three new video games are dropping this week, and we expect to see big changes in the gaming charts. PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S have an interesting choice in front of them, and they can choose between action-role playing and survival horror games. Which game would you choose?

Rise of the Ronin, Dragon’s Dogma II, and Alone In The Dark are the new games coming to consoles and PC this week. Each game has its own story, so let’s learn a little more about them.

Rise of the Ronin is perhaps the most anticipated game of the three games, and PS5 players can’t wait until March 22, 2024, to play it. In the game, you as a player can create your own character, with whom you will fight. As a weapon, you can choose a katana or various Bashin war firearms.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is also an action role-playing video game, which is also coming on March 22, 2024, but unlike Rise of the Ronin, this game is not exclusive to PS5.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, players take on the role of Arisen, and receive help from AI characters called Pawns. These characters will guide you in the game and help you in battles.

Unlike Rise of the Ronin and Dragon’s Dogma 2, Alone in the Dark is a survival horror game. To be honest, I’m not much into this type of games, but I hope that many players love being private investigators, and searching for clues in scary places. I don’t like jump scares, so here’s my reason why I would choose between the other two games.

What would be your choice? Ninjas, dragons, or exploring Derceto Manor, a home for the mentally fatigued?

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