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FleeceKing Caught Over 2.6 million Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Still Missing Shiny Bombirdier and Other Shiny Pokemon

Trainers, one of the best Pokemon Go players FleeceKing, had a successful first day of the new Sizeable Surprises event, as shown by the pictures he shared on X. He managed to catch 11 Shiny Pokemon, which is a serious number.

As many of you already know, FleeceKing is a well-known and respected Pokemon Go player and a content creator, who plays the game for a living. He’s on Pokemon Go 24/7, even during his sleep, and all of his accomplishments are commendable. He is often among the first to catch the new Shiny Pokemon or to do something that very few can achieve, which is why there are still those who think that Niantic favors his account.

He responded to those comments and revealed more about his progress, how many Pokemon he’s caught so far, and how even after 300 Raids he still can’t catch Shiny Bombardier. We hope he will celebrate with us when he catches it. But, as he said, even with Shiny Bombirdier, he would still be missing a lot of Shiny Pokemon.

He explained after how many Pokemon encounters he caught Shiny Binacle, and how many Lucky Trades he made to get Shundo Rayquaza. These numbers are not something we see every day.

FleeceKing is one of the few Pokemon Go players who spends a lot of time playing the game. Plus, he plays in a big city, with lots of Pokemon spawns and PokeStops. That’s how he catches Shiny Pokemon and breaks records.

How many Pokemon do you guys have? What are your numbers? What Pokemon are you still missing?

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