Immortals of Aveum will get HDR and AMD’s FSR 3 console frame generation

Immortals of Aveum, which is currently accessible for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers will get improved features and capabilities across all console versions with upcoming patches. First, the patch will introduce High Dynamic Range across all console versions, and then will introduce AMD’s FSR 3 frame generation, which should result in quite the FPS boost.

Ascendant Studios will integrate this technology in collaboration with Enduring Games, with one goal, to improve the gameplay experience. Besides the FPS improvement, patch will also extend the FSR 3 support for monitors and TVs VRR for both PCs and consoles, which should further minimize any sort of jitters such as screen tearings.

As the PR team said (via EuroGamer): Patch will also extend FSR 3 support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) monitors and TVs on both PC and consoles, which will improve frame pacing and reduce occurrences of judder or screen tears.

This has been longed for forever, as the FSR 3 tech on consoles will also potentially enable support for 120Hz displays while providing a buffer for frame-rate fluctuations. The PC version of Immortals of Aveum will also be updated to support the AMD FSR 3 in line with the update.

In general, Immortals of Aveum has been struggling quite a lot in terms of performance. Hopefully, these things will turn the tides.

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