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Pokemon GO Gains and Losses after Remote Raid Nerf, Data by PokeRaid

The never-ending conversation in Pokemon GO, Remote Raid Passes.

We all know how beautiful the times were when Remote Raids were popular, and how much fun we had with Trainers from all around the world. But you know what they say, anything good must come to an end at some point.

Trainers were enjoying their time at home, surrounded by loved ones, and keeping safe from the evilness that was lurking outside. The Pokemon GO community was together, even if we all were miles apart. Well, the moment the pandemic ended, Niantic decided to nerf the Remote Raids, increase the cost of the Remote Raid Passes, and put a limit on them. It was not good.

PokeRaid, known by their ability to assess data, and create the best simulations there are, have conducted an analysis of how the Remote Raid nerf affected Pokemon GO. While it is not good for Trainers, in some way it is good for Niantic.

As you know, the more Trainers purchase something, the bigger the revenue Niantic has.

As per PokeRaid, the number of Trainers who hosted at least one Remote Raid got down by 27% after the Remote Raid nerf, as well as the number of Trainers who joined at least one Remote Raid, which is down by 31%. The average number, according to PokeRaid, of Raids joined by guests went down by 18%.

However, Niantic did get the thing they wanted, bigger spending. The number of PokeCoins that were spent for Remote Raid Passes in the game, after the Remote Raid nerf, got up by 10%, and the number of PokeCoins spent for Remote Raid Passes per guest went up by whopping 59%.

Many players say that their communities decreased their play time on Pokemon GO, mainly due to the Remote Raid nerf, which I already said, is not a favorite decision among the Pokemon GO community. But, the ones that are still playing, are spending a lot of PokeCoins on Remote Raid Passes, which is helping Niantic keeping their profit at a stable level.

Firsthand data from PokeRaid showing the effects of Pokémon GO’s remote raid nerf. Details on comments.
byu/PokeRaidApp inTheSilphRoad

I never thought I would see the day when Remote Raids would be “prohibited” in some way, but that day has come.

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