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Pokemon GO update 0.307.1 forced, now causing white screen

I opened Pokemon GO, and lo and behold, another update forced on my device. I assumed that it would fix any problem in Pokemon GO, hence the update, not cause more bugs that affect the whole gameplay.

Finally, a new update was just forced not only for me, but for the entire Pokemon GO community. No one really knows what this update was supposed to fix, but I, myself, was happy that something at least was getting fixed. Well, as with any other update, major bugs emerge “from the ground” and several players had a lot to say about that.

Many Trainers report that right before the update was forced on them, they were either on the catch screen, trying to catch a Pokemon, or were doing other things that were valuable to them, and boom, the game crashed. This is understandable with a forced update, but what is more astonishing to me is that right after they (including myself) finished updating the game, the dreaded white screen bug appeared whenever they encountered Pokemon. They all tried restarting the game, reinstalling it and everything else, but nothing is working at the moment.

To make things even bitter, some Trainers were trying to catch a Shiny Pokemon, and when they returned to the game right after the update finished, their diary showed that they indeed caught the Pokemon, but that Shiny Pokemon was nowhere to be found in their Pokemon storage.

Is this happening to you? I really do hope that Niantic “forces” another update to fix this.

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