Phil Spencer and Xbox Series X With Big Hopes for Japan

Xbox is maybe a popular topic in multiple countries across the globe, but none of them is Japan. The notorious console hasn’t breached with the right power in Japan, and that is what Phil Spencer is aiming to do with the Xbox Series X. Fixing this flaw is more than necessary for Xbox, simply because of the number of game developers found in that region.

This was discovered in an interview with Gamertag Radio, in which Spencer himself stated his opinions on the afore-mentioned country, Japan. The position of their product in Japan is currently “unacceptable,” and hopes that it won’t be the case with the next-gen console. Overall, it seems that the Japanese Games will finally get to a broader amount of platforms.

Of course, in the plans to victory, he has mentioned the presentation of Japanese Games on last year’s E3. Together with the power of xCloud and Game Pass, Phil Spencer has a lot of expectations that could go towards the greater good. He also hasn’t neglected the opportunity for exclusives too, which may become popular on the next-gen console but also be the flagship marketing for Microsoft in Japan.

What we also know and believe it may turn green is that Microsoft is thinking about acquiring Japanese studios to work on some future titles on their road. But, let’s not jump to a conclusion, but instead be rational for Microsoft’s decisions.

Last but not least, Microsoft will surely try to avoid conflicts and launch its console in japan a lot faster. Unlike before, whereas ten months were crucial for Xbox to make an appearance in Japan, this time will probably be the other way around.

David Goodwin

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