Dragon Ball Xenoverse: What To Expect In The New Series?

Fully destructible environment that stays that way, with much larger maps in the new Dragon Ball. Also, no transfer gates. I’m sick of trying to find them. Full customization for characters, including aura color and move editing. Fire on release attacks, instead of having everything auto fire when charged. Then maybe we can actually hit something.

No item use option and no time limit options in PvP, no stats on clothing, all outfits fully colourable. Voiced player characters with conversation decisions in story mode. Even if it doesn’t change anything of importance, I’d rather not be some mute stranger. I’d also like to redo the stats. I’d like to be able to reach a stage of insurmountable power. Even at lvl 90+, a PQ 1 Krillin can stagger me with punches. When power levels are so different, you should be completely unphased, and the same if you’re too low.

Finally, and I’m not sure how it’ll feel in practice, but I’d like Ki to be a large point pool that can divide into two parts instead of a rechargeable bar. One part is ‘potential’ or something and the other part is ‘usable’. Power up moves put Ki from potential into usable, and Ki attacks take it from usable. Transformations can then increase transfer speeds. They can move a bunch of ki into usable at once, give you more bang per Ki point and so forth. There definitely shouldn’t be any free use skills like Super Saiyan is now. Ki Spam is cheap as hell, and I’d rather Ki Blasts being powerful but seldom used attacks that players have to weigh up before firing off.

Far greater consistency in hit detection and the activation of secret missions within parallel quests in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Looks are purely aesthetic and do not change your game plan (I really want to be a Namekian in this game, but Namekians are built to be the exact opposite of everything I like in my character, which is high-damage output aggro which usually gets balanced out by glass cannon status while Namekians have crap DMG output but are built around running the clock). Plus, what makes your character unique in Dragon Ball, if everyone runs the same thing  as you do?

No items in PvP. A longer timer for PvP. A vastly improved couch co-op. The fact that the only thing you can do is 3 minute, 1v1, world tournament only is an atrocity to the previous dragon ball z games. Along with that, there was no reason to add an “offline battles” kiosk in the first place as you could just do that in local play. I can understand a kiosk for offline game modes and online game modes, but the current setup is just terrible.

New characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

Characters that people actually want is another thing. We got like 9 different variations of frieza soldiers and 4(IIRC) extra types of saibamen, but we couldn’t even get Cooler or SSJ Gogeta? Sorry, but I’d like to have characters that AREN’T doomed to be cannon fodder before a meta even develops.

Speaking of characters, no “pre-order only” garbage like we got with SSJ4 Vegeta. You make SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Gogeta unlockable characters, you even throw SSJ4 Vegeta into certain events (even if these are DLC quests/story mode), but you refuse to add him as DLC later, just because you need to scare people into buying a PROMISE that the game will get to you even though you may not even like the game? IDGAF who you are, if you pull this type of tactic to make sure people buy your steaming, then you don’t deserve any profit or whatever market you amassed.

You don’t make something as unique as a character pre-order only and never let it see the light of day just because you refuse to be a mindless wallet tosser. Clothes, accessories, maybe even a stage, but NEVER. EVER. Make something that could actually have an effect on the way the game develops only available to a very select few.

Have the full game actually ready to go upon release. As a last gen player, I don’t know  if online tourney mode is available on next-gen already, but if features of the game aren’t ready to go upon release, DON’T DROP AN UNFINISHED, HALF-ASSED game.

Speaking of last-gen, don’t bother with it for next game. As stated previously, even as a last-gen player, don’t make a game so underdeveloped just because an older console is holding it back. I’d rather there be a really great game released on things that can handle it rather than a game made underwhelmingly just so an older piece of hardware doesn’t die to try to process it.

I’ll be brief on this one, leave RNG. Give me an actual reason to keep playing your game.

I really want to like this game, but there is just too many things that need to be fixed by the next one that probably won’t because of the expected dev time and the way the market works. Also, there really isn’t a way to compress everything I had to say.

Remove stats from clothes. Add the option to make a child or teen custom characters. Make the hub city one big map, instead of those annoying gates. More characters from the original series. Allow us to play as original characters in the story of Dragon Ball. Remove stats from changes in height or weight, races, and genders. Or at least give us exact details on the effects these have on stats. Make blocking attacks easier! I don’t like having to be a psychic to block attacks.

Last, but not least, make it easier to reset attribute points. Not all of us read a strategy guide before starting the game.


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