GTA V Rockstar Making Political Satire Gold

GTA V Rockstar is a great game that speaks for itself. A game filled with political satire, post-modern self-awareness, and self-referentiality. Recently, we made a survey by asking some GTA fans to be more critical about the game.

gta v rockstar

All of them are playing online and we think that’s a pity because GTA online sums up so much of what the main game seems to speak out against. In this way playing GTA online will not bring you into to the real story of the game, which is packed with surprises.

GTA V the real meaning

One of the things that I love the most is how you’re made to relate to the sentiments of a character: ever think how exhausting Franklin’s tow truck missions are? Franklin whines about what a s***ty employment it is the entire time. Even when Michael remorsefully approaches Jimmy to go for a bicycle ride, and you feel simply like he does about the mission. And when Michael crushes the television and calls Jimmy a fat s**t playing computer games when it’s excellent outside, he’s quite tending to you, the player.

At that point, there’s weed legalization person and how Trevor doesn’t need it authorized in light of the fact that he’s a dealer and that takes from his business.

What’s more, those two hillbillies bitching about migrants and such always get me. Also, there is a very touchy moment in the game when Michael gets his family back and Franklin is alone. For all that ambition and ruthlessness, where did it get him in the end? That sense of emptiness playing Franklin after the story really stood out for me for some reason.

It continues forever. That game is an outright jewel, and I know the majority welcome those viewpoints and I know individuals play games for various reasons and I’m thoroughly cool with that, but I feel like there are a lot of people who play this game that doesn’t get the point of it. I just hope that they will understand the true meaning of this game and learn something.

GTA is a metagaming type, that gives to the player capability to behave normal, non-violent. You can play golf, tennis and a lot of different non-crime actions. But players always choose the brutal way to play the game.


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