Mafia 3 Review: Story, Graphics And In Game Sound

We did a Mafia 3 Review as requested from our Facebook fans. The third chapter was expected to be the best of all. As it usually happens with expectations to be filled, some of them went beyond, while some remain unfulfilled. If Mafia 3 is doing something in terms of excitement, it is that in every sense of surprising maturity approaches in terms of the story. Overall speaking, Mafia 3 is an interesting and well-liked noise and confusion that must be broken down in detail in order to reach his best parts.

Mafia 3: Where story begins…

While the game on every platform looks quite almost the same, on PC its 30+ frames per second. However, all three versions are suffering from a variety of graphical problem and even shutting down the game. Graphics seems blurred, textures sometimes move so extremely and quickly. It is such a pity that bugs dishonest general visual impression that in other cases are excellent. The characters, surrounding conditions details and weather effects are definitely at the top level. At least when everything works as it should.

However, what really makes Mafia 3 great, it’s the story, not the graphics. At the very beginning of the game the development team “warns” players that every word, situation, every scene and graphical representation presented “outspoken” in order to illustrate the reliability of the atmosphere that ruled in those areas in the late sixties. The story happens in New Bordeaux. It follows the person who served in the military of the war in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay, on his way to revenge, complete and totally rule. Imagine a big, black version of De Niro from Taxi Driver. So, now you get a perfect picture of the main character.

Is it all about revenge?

Mafia 3 is not just a story of revenge and gaining power.

Mafia 3 is an example of a deep story, where unfair treatment based on skin color, age and treating people badly or unfairly because of their race is possibly the best and most daring written script in a game so far. In an unexpected yet interesting way, that brings all the shine of Mafia 3. There is almost no further argument. It is one of the biggest advantages that Mafia 3 holds the attention of its players.

As a completely and totally extremely important part of this presentation, the in-game sound is excellent in almost every single way. Selection of the cast could not be better, so each character is perfectly presented. This thing and the fact that the story is partly in the form of a fact-filled story or movie, where the characters really give the impression of someone who has lived through all the things he was talking about. The musical score is perfect. On top of this, Mafia 3 is decorated with one of the best sound directors that I had a chance to hear. Surrounding condition sounds give the perfect impression of how a city in 1960 was.

Mafia 3 Gameplay Impressions

Another thing that impressed us was the gameplay. While the game has a cover system and suggests more hiding, what is amazing to see is the action in movement. Imagine again the black De Niro destroys everything on his way. Weapons have a really strong “impression” on fighters. Expanding the basic storehouse of weapons and useful supplies will also expand the possibility of the action part of the game. In any case, be sure If you like careless but well pumped up action, this is the perfect game for you. Also, Mafia 3 is one of the few games where you can hardly wait to run out of bullets because then you will be forced to use the fists and Lincoln’s hidden army knife. For all those who are disgusted with all the killings, murder and blood there is an option to turn them off.

In the options menu what also exists, as in the previous story, is the possibility of including test drive that brings you close to the real thing which should add a more realistic impression. This is definitely recommended for every player eager to enjoy in the world of games.

Lack of details

The fact that you will not find the car where you parked it, executions that include firing weapons without waste bullets, that your enemies often informs about their situation and plan almost like they are helping you, pedestrians know how to block traffic… All this is certainly not worthy of compliments. Only reminds you what a pity the game is not at least a little more polished. Because when all the pieces come together, the performance of the game is really amazing.

Fans of the previous stories of Mafia started to play with the highest expectations. Certainly, they will be disappointed. The reason is the lack of some original things. Like the ones in the first part such as, for example, refueling, the need to respect the traffic rules… Although these details are not present, there are still real novelties and improvements. For example, the police do not have super powers which will detect what you did wrong. It is necessary that at least one of the passersby see and hear then go and talk with the boys in blue. In that way, they can begin to ask lots of questions about the crime scene.

The good news is that you will gain new partners on the road to glory and have their help. Whether it will be armed support, money paid in exchange for jobs or some act in crime, they will be there for you.

Mafia 3 is an experience of 30+ hours. Limited with some graphic discomfort, again succeeding above average and well-told story. Although it now looks like GTA title, Mafia 3 still manages to be original.

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