PS VR Headset Lineup Games For 2016 And 2017

PlayStation announced a lot of playable games for the new PS VR headset.

Eagle Flight – Release Date November 8th, 2016

Fly solo and have your own “Bird moments” where you get the chance to fly around the variety of maps.

Multiplayer mode is interesting and can be played up to 6 players online. There is a story mission like capture the prey campaign. In this mode you will start with protecting your nest, conquer areas by districts, find mates to team up, build a family and mastering some of the abilities you bird will possess. many other adventures all together in 5 different maps.

The main feature about this game is that the control of the bird is only with your head.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Release Date November 29th, 2016

Star Track: Bridge Crew can be played in single play or multiplayer online with up to 4 players. On the Bridge, you can play in 4 different rolls:

The Captain – The leader/coordinator of the ship.

Helmsman – Person responsible for driving the ship.

Tactical officer – Head operator for weapons, shields, scanners.

Chief Engineer – Keeps everything running and system efficiency.

It’s very important for you to know that every position in this game is equally important. There is no more or less important teammate in this collaboration. The time has come for you and your friends so you can finally have a hand on some of the Star Treck ships. Everything else you have to experience. The game is available for PS VR, HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.

Final Fantasy XV – Release Date November 29th, 2016

Werewolves Within – Release Date December 6th, 2016

This is more of a party game where you and your friends can play it multiplay mode online. The game can be played up to 8 players. All of you have to find out who is the werewolf in the group and who is the Deviant. Every player has its own roll and different ability to find out who is the werewolf. The players sit in a circle and they can talk to each other and help to find the Intruder. Of course, they can lie in their story in order to hide their identity.

Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR – Release Date 2016

All you ever wanted in Star Wars with flying Falcons, Hawks, Death Star and more will be available in this game. The game will be available in the end of 2016 and the fans of Star Wars can’t wait to come out. The is multiplayer online and requires making a team of 3 and fight against your opponents. Of course, during the game, you’ll get hit, but you have to restore your health. You can do that by collecting the checkpoints around the map.

Resident Evil 7 – Release Date January 2017

Resident Evil 7 is a horror game with a great story mode. The game is single play and it’s intense as h***. As a reporter who needs to escape from a haunted house, you have to collect items inside the house. The house is filthy and creepy and full with a dead meet. Be careful and good luck.

Tekken 7 – Release Date 2017

Get ready for one of the best experience in fighting. Tekken 7 and Japan are preparing for us allot of excitement in a fighting world. They say that this will be a something that we have never seen before, all thanks to VR and it’s special effects.

Gran Turismo Sport 2017 – Release Date 2017

Farpoint – To Be Announced

Farpoint is a game that can be played with VR Headset connected with PS4, but there is a very interesting controller, a Light gun. This gun is a very useful tool for this special game. On the back of the Light gun, there is a trigger with different buttons connected on the both sides of the gun that you can use for reloading and shooting and your other hand will be free to use the regular stick for full movement control. There are also sensors connected to your console (PS4) that gives you full lookout on your gun in the game.

This type of controller works the same like in real life. Example, if you get the gun closer to your face, you are able to aim more precisely. This is a game where you are a soldier and pretty much you have all the soldier action in it. By soldier action we mean, laying flat, certain movements, jump, duck and reload. There is also a cool feature for changing the guns. When you want to change from rifle to shotgun you have to lift up the rifle over your shoulder and point back and you have your shotgun ready to shoot.

The game will run in 120 Hz which makes the game more refreshing and smooth to play.

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