Skyrim: Will The Macho Dragons Mod Be Released For Xbox One?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is with mods support on consoles, and some players wondered if they will see the Macho Dragons mod make its the way to Xbox One. The mod’s creator, Fancy Pants says that it most definitely will come to Xbox. He said that his experience with the bringing of mods to Xbox One was good, with a few problems in them. He has hope that other developers take note of Bethesda’s foray into console mods.

macho dragons mod

This is probably a bit naive, but his hope is that if it’s successful. A lot of developers will take notice and start to offer official support for modding. Far too many games protected their files and benefits which make modding spectrum from difficult to virtually impossible.

Developer’s opinion about the Macho Dragons Mod

As a modder, FancyPants has hope that the more avenues for which creators can deliver their projects, the better. Even with his overall positivity, he is not impressed with the way Sony dealt with them. Because Sony has requirements for every Skyrim, the mod should be created with nothing but assets.

He has no plans to make any mods for PS4. None of the modders he knows are planning on making anything, either. He thinks a lot of players are going to be very disappointed.

Bethesda and Valve

We also have an information about the possibility of bringing back mods that are paid. Features Bethesda and Valve tried to apply in 2015. FancyPants said that if they could figure out a system that is not inconvenient for users and didn’t transfer into a chaos of micro transactions, Clickbait and stolen assets, then it might work. But he does not believe in this kind of system.

The way Valve and Bethesda tried it a while back with Skyrim should be a case study on how not to do it. He noted the lack of advance warning both companies that gave the community and how some paid mods required assets from free mods?

About the only kind of thing he probably would support for paid mods are large-scale projects, like Skywind or Enderal, if it ever gets finished. Those kinds of projects tend to have a lot of participants though, so even that might be too messy to deal with.

FancyPants replaced all of Fallout 4’s Death Claws with similar creatures in Macho Dragons. You are able to download the Macho Dragons mod and the Macho Claws. We must inform you that it is important to be cautious when downloading online.

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