Xbox should partner with Palworld to create exclusive Xbox Series X|S Palworld bundles

In just a glimpse, the whole gaming world changed, and a new game rose to the top in the blink of an eye. That game folks, is Palworld.

As you already know, Palworld quickly became one of the most anticipated games in the gaming sphere, and it broke several records. Imagine, a monster-focused game breaking all sorts of records.

In no time, the game amassed a huge fan base, with more than one million active players at the same time. Amazing, right? Well, it seems that some people that belong to that fan base are quite creative, and they have a very interesting idea, for which they even created a fan-made image.

These Palworld players suggest that Xbox, the console where Palworld is currently available, should partner up with the people behind Palworld, and make Xbox the official console partner of the game. Not that this is impossible though, but we like the idea.

At the moment, Palworld has over seven million sales on Steam only, and it is currently available on Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. From what we know, PlayStation 5 owners aren’t getting the game yet, but devs are hinting at a possible PS5 arrival.

What do you think about this “partnership”? Is it possible?

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