Akuma Is The Next Street Fighter V’s DLC Character

Capcom makes it official, Akuma is the next character that will join DLC Street Fighter 5. Right after Red Bull Battlegrounds tournament in Seattle, where draped in plain sight the symbol of Kenji was shown, it was obvious that Capcom is up to something.

The announcement of the new DLC teaser reveal trailer tells us about the new character Akuma, where you can also see a new stage. So, let’s hope that the game will be more refreshing now. You can also see the statue of Asura in the background on the right side next to the temple. Is that just a coincidence or maybe a genius easter egg? Check the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

What is very interesting is the Kanji symbol. This symbol represents heaven, but in this case, a lot of rumors are saying this means “God” above “Man”, or “Godlike”. As many of you know, this symbol actually appears for the first time on Shin Akuma back in Capcom Vs SNK 2.

Akuma the next Street Fighter V’s DLC character loved by the fans!

Akuma’s official release date is not yet confirmed by Capcom. But you can still try it on PlayStation Experience in December at the Anaheim Convention Centar.

The fans of Street Fighter are looking forward to seeing an old character gets a remake. They are very happy for this announcement. The reason is the potential of the character, that could be very interesting in the new DLC Street Fighter V. He has so many unique skills, such as dive kicks, air fireballs and teleportation.

A lot of the fans are saying his Kanji is actually God of War. For me, that makes more sense. What I know for sure is the V-Trigger activation that transforms Akuma into Shin Akuma with a more powerful set.

Urien is also a new character in Street Fighter V. So this means that Capcom is all about their fans. Does Capcom have more surprises? Maybe Rose is coming, or Makoto? Stay with us and I will keep you updated.

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