No PS4 Pro Deals For Black Friday

No PS4 Pro deals. So, it might be already too late if you have a new console purchased on Black Friday. But I just want to highlight some good deals, even if some are not on the menu. There is the PS4 Pro, a system that seems to actually have zero official Black Friday special deals.

It is not cheap, it goes for $399, compared to the $250 bundles that are on for other consoles, including the PS4 Slim itself. But it can be worth the extra cash for many reasons, and there are also issues with the competitors.

PS4 Pro deals are not available

While the PS4 Pro works the best with a 4K HDR TV, that is something that many people do not own. But this fact is about to change. 4K is going to be the standard format for TV’s soon, and currently, PS4 Pro is the best console to take advantage of the market. If you get a better TV, the games will look better. The PS4 Pro is the best and it has a fantastic system to pair with any 4K TV.  When you are buying the PS4 Pro, you get a fair amount of future proofing. It is indeed true that all games are going to be made for both PS4 and PS4 Pro going forward. Clearly, Pro is going to be the new standard. It has more power, a potentially higher resolution and framerates, and it is the best way to play PS4 games.

I actually have good things to say about the Xbox One Slim. It plays 4K Blu-ray, which is something the PS4 Pro cannot do and it allows a great-looking HDR as well. It is the best version of Xbox right now. However, the same day Microsoft announced the Slim, they also announced Xbox Scorpio. A new system that will come out this fall, the one that maybe will outperform PS4 Pro. This is great, but it does not look good for Xbox One Slim. If you pick up Xbox One Slim, it has only one year until Xbox Scorpio releases and takes the throne of the best Xbox.

Nintendo continues with its own plane of existence. The Wii U has a number of great games, but they are old titles, and Nintendo will fasten the production of the system entirely. The Wii U sales are not much better than Xbox One/PS4 Slim sales, so you are not really saving money. You can wait until the new Nintendo Switch comes out this spring.

I do not believe that Nintendo will get the title of the best console and a must have. Firstly, it is unclear how many third parties they have coming nor what games they are making. Secondly, even if every single third party game came out for Switch, the specs of the box likely mean that these versions may be visually inferior to other versions on more traditional consoles.

In my very own opinion, I think that PS4 Pro is the best choice for this year. It is a more powerful version of the PS4, which already won this generation, and Sony will stick with it for many years. it goes well with another holiday purchase. 4K TV has got some great exclusives coming out soon like Horizon: Zero Dawn. If you want to save 150 dollars and get an Xbox or PS4 Slim, that is your choice. But a console should be a lengthy investment. Currently, the PS4 Pro is the only console you can buy this very minute that is guaranteed to remain with you for years.

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