Gears of War 4 Update Adds New Maps

On December 6, Gears of War 4 is getting the second major update.

The new update will add 2 new maps and a big advantage for the Season Pass members. Below you can see the full update.

Gears of War 4 New Maps

      1. Speyer

An image of pre-Locust War life, where the teams needs to stay together and control the sprawling academy

2. Glory

A monument of the military power, A fortress with a powerful mounted turret.

In addition, both of the maps will be available to play starting December 13. For the Season Pass members this new maps will be available for free. Those without the Season Pass, can purchase them in the Gears of War store.

Gears of War 4 Update

  • A Daily Rewards system
  • Vertical Split-Screen for PC players
  • Visual feedback for damage dealt with the Gnaser is improved
  • Footstep audio balance and video settings are now improved

Season Pass Holders Bonus and XP

The new update of Gears of War 4 will bring extra XP and Credit rewards for the Season Pass holders. They will get early access to new maps and all DLC maps in Versus and Horde Private Matches. I have to mention the extra XP and Credit rewards will be available only when playing Developer Playlist during the time it’s available.

Those are the major updates for Gears of War 4. The developers are saying that the game’s Gears Holiday will be coming in style, special events, new content and a new classic weapon. Among the fans this is known as “Gearsmas”.

If you are still thinking about buying the game, now it’s the perfect time to do it. Because at this moment Gears of War 4 is discounted by 33% and you can get it here. But, please have in mind this is only a limited time offer.

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