Visage is a Lot Better Choice After The 7.00 Update

Just as the title says, Visage is a lot better choice in Dota 2 because of the 7.00 patch changes. Believe it or not, he’s among the heroes that receive the most changes after the update. Dota 2 is never going to be the same game. Since we are talking about Visage, let’s see all the changes he got after the new 7.00 update.

Care, a lot of the changes will leave you speechless. Almost everything has been buffed on Visage. Also, with the Talent Tree, he’s even better. We are going to just see and analyze the changes, nothing else.

Facts That Visage is a lot better choice ATM.

So, below we have a picture of the Gravekeeper’s Cloak, Visage’s passive ability. After the update 7.00 it looks like that. Gravekeeper’s Cloak generates a layered barrier that protects Visage from damage. However, if he receives more than 50 damage from a player, the layer is removed (not being that much of a factor, but still, boost is a boost).

Now, let’s just speak about the changes.

We know that Visage pick ratio started falling in the last couple of months. Because of that, Visage was about to take some changes. Well, this is not some changes, it’s actually a lot of changes! Let’s see the Gravekeeper’s changes below.

The minimum damage threshold is increased from 15 to 50. Ok, we can live with that. Second change is that Gravekeeper’s Cloak now reduces all damage by 8/12/16/20% per layer. You think it’s not much? Well, I think its pretty OP though.

He got a little bit of nerf with the  recovery time of it, which is 6/5/4/3 which doesn’t mean anything if you ask me, because the timer is not that high.

And probably the most interesting factor to speak about. Now affects Familiars within 900 distance of your hero (their block is based on Visage’s stack count). You think this is not OP? Well, do not be surprised to see Visage playing mid in Pubs.

Visage’s Ultimate, Summon Familiars And Familiars Changes

Another Factor is that Summon Familiars cooldown is now reduced from 180/160/140 to 160/145/130. This is also beneficial. I am pretty sure the pros out there will pick visage a lot more and his pick ratio will be higher.

Below you can see the picture of how Visage looks after the 7.00 Dota 2 update.

It’s not just that! Familiars now have 500/750/1000 hp. They are not going to die to 3 hits now, early in the game ofc.

They also interact with regeneration effects normally and no longer renegerate attack damage with Stone Form. While thinking of this as a nerf, look what’s coming. Their attack damage recharge time change is from 15 to 2. They are immune to spells anymore and they have 35% magic resistance.

Now, Familiar’s movement speed is 430. No more scaling per level around this, it’s strict 430 since the beginning. The damage per charge now is from 8/14/22 to 8/16/24 :). Is there anything else? :). Oh wait, Stone Form duration is also reduced from 8 to 6 seconds, together with its cooldown. Are you kidding me right now Alright! Now, let’s just see Visage’s Talent Tree.

Visage Talent Tree

Below, you can see Visage’s Talent Tree. I am pretty sure you already know which talent to choose as you level up.

If you ask me, I’d choose either XP gain or +60 gold per minute. It doesn’t matter, depends on the game. If you are falling behind your opponents, you should go for the XP, otherwise, get the gold. Then +100 Cast Range is a must. After that, I’d go for -30 Respawn Time, It comes nice with the +15 XP Gain and the last one I’d go for is +120 Familiars Movement Speed. You better start working on your micro skills now, because it’s going to be bad for you later.

Tell us what do you think about all of these changes Visage received in the comments down below. I just can’t wait for the first pro tournament after the 7.00 update to find out what’s going to happen with Visage.

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