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Tree of Savior: Survival Instinct Event Starts Today!

Tree of Savior will host a new in-game event and all the players will be able to participate. New event challenge that will test you and make you preform different tasks.

Tree of Savior: Survival Instinct Event

The Tree of Savior: Survival Instinct Event starts from Today, 24th of January and will be available to participate until 2nd of February.

The downside of this event is that only characters of level 100 or higher can participate the event. Besides that, you can enter the dungeon once per day and twice for token users. The event dungeon entries are reset every day at EST 06:00.

Tree of Savior: Survival Instinct Mission

First of all, to participate the event you will be needed to go towards the Event Notice board in Klaipeda or Orsha. From there, you can enter the event “Ashaq Underground Prison” dungeon.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you’ll play in a premade party or solo. You can enter anyway. What you need to do is to survive the bosses in the dungeon without using any kind of skills or items. There are 3 dungeon stages:

There are 3 dungeon stages. Stage 1 will reward you (if you achieve) 1 prison Cube + 1 Fortune Cookie only if you survive 2 bosses for 2 minutes. Stage 2 is to survive 3 bosses for 3 minutes with getting a reward of 2 Prison Cubes + 1 Fortune Cookie, and Stage 3 is to survive 4 bosses for 5 minutes in order to get 3 Prison Cubes +1 Fortune Cookie.

What do you think about this event, will it pay out?

If you want to know more about the event drop rates, you can visit the article on the official website.



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