Dota 2: The Bladeform Legacy Update Brings Juggernaut’s Arcana

Finally, Juggernaut’s Arcana is now available thanks to the Bladeform Legacy Update. It was released early today, but now, the time to analyze has come. First of all, let us just say that this is probably the best animated arcana in Dota 2.

This Juggernaut’s Arcana is possibly one of the best in terms of its animations, featuring a custom Dragon Spirit ancestor. All of the effects are extremely beautiful and we will present you them within some GIF images.

Juggernaut's Arcana

Also, this update releases new Captains Mode interface and a redesigned model for Jakiro, including some additional 7.03 game performance improvements. Players will now be able to suggest picks and bans and even swap the Captain role with a few clicks and receive benefits of Strategy Time.

We honestly think that you cannot even compare it to Shadow Fiend’s, Terror Blade or Legion Commander’s Arcana. In terms of quality, we really think that it’s close to Zeus Arcana. However, we’ll let the players decide.

This update also adds Monkey King to Captains Mode. Let’s see how fun is going to be now…

Juggernauts Arcana Video

Below, you can see all of the Juggernaut’s new Arcana animations. It includes new crit animation, Bladefury, Omnislash, movement, teleport animation, loadout and the moment when he gets triple kills and higher and he get’s mad, it’s just priceless.

It also has an Altered Voice, new hero portrait and owners will also receive a new Custom Dragon Spirit emoticon.

Because of this release, today’s battle cup will be available for all of the players without using an entry ticket or having a Battle Pass. This is how Dota 2 will be celebrating today’s release and Juggernaut’s Arcana.

The New Juggernaut’s Arcana costs 33 euros and all the players can try out the demo. We honestly think that this arcana might become player’s favorite and also a best-selling Arcana, ever.

It’s not just that, this update will receive a new General and Item Changes too. For full info, visit Dota 2’s official website.

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