Europa Universalis IV Hotfix 1.21.1

After the 1.21 update (The Hungary Update) has come to live, there was a bug with the Ironman save to cloud and a couple more. Because of that, the developers decided to release a new Europa Universalis IV hotfix 1.21.1, fixing all of the issues caused from the previous update.

Remembering the map improvement thanks to 1.21 patch, Hungary, Bohemia and Silesia were updated and Belgrade is added at last. There were some new events, sailor changes, and Improved moddability too.

Europa Universalis IV Hotfix 1.21.1

All of the issues caused has now been fixed thanks to the new Europa Universalis IV Hotfix 1.21.1. This hotfix came to live today, meaning the changes should be already live and no more bad encounters should appear in the game.

Let’s preview all of the changes down below:

  • Fixed not being to save new Ironman games to cloud.
  • Manchu provinces now start with Feudalism again.
  • Qing now stopped from forming Yuan rather than Qin.
  • Fixed that AI Call to Arms acceptance from Aggressive Expansion was reversed.
  • Fixed Offer Condottieri dialog not shown for target player.
  • No longer blocked from renaming provinces in Single Player if the MP setting for renaming provinces is disabled.
  • Tributaries’ allies can now be called into wars.

Just in case you forget, you can revert your game to a previous version by following the instructions down below:

  1. Right click the game in Steam
  2. Go to Properties and select the tab called “BETAS”
  3. Pick the version you want to play and close.
  4. Allow the game to update
  5. Make sure, before you load any save, that the version number in the game is the one you want.
  6. If the previous step fails, exit the game, right click -> properties -> local files -> Verify integrity of game files and wait for all files to be verified before going back to step 5.

Hopefully, this Hotfix Release will fix all the issues in the game. Do not forget to comment down below on what are your thoughts about this update.

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