World of Warcraft: New Profile Page for Every Player

Blizzard has just announced that a New Profile Page design is now available for every World of Warcraft player. A Brand new profile site full of information on a rich history of pretty much everything. Equipped items, stats, PvP, and more. Let’s just be honest, Blizzard is just doing their job very nicely!

The new profile page is going to include all the tricky achievements, raid progression, rare pets and more. That’s not all, they will look just as good also on your phone, desktop or tablet, enabling you to take your Warcraft experience wherever you go.

WoW New Profile Page

This new feature was announced on WoW’s official website a few moments ago, confirming the marvelous design. It is indeed covering every single thing you need to know for a player.

WoW New Profile Page Features

Players will be to see their fully equipped character within a new design, showing all of their equipped items. It will also give information on the Hero’s talents, raid progression and Player vs Player overviews. Isn’t that just awesome?

Wait for it, it’s not finished yet. This new design will give players the chance to see their own achievements, giving them the chance to know their progress on every single one of them. Talking about the collections, the WoW’s New Profile Page will give full info, equipped Battle Pet, plus the whole pet collection. You will also be able to find the mounts, ordered by rarity. Cool, isn’t it?

WoW Profile Page Achievements

Without further ado, let’s just see what else is this WoW’s New Page going to offer:

  • Character overview
  • Achievements
  • Collections
  • Raid Progression
  • Player vs Player
  • Reputation

My character is not being shown

If your character is not displayed on your Profile page, try to log into the game, change a single gear and then log out. After you perform these steps make sure you Refresh the Profile Page. If the profile page is still not updating (even after a couple of minutes), make sure you visit Blizzard’s Forum and report a bug.

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