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Heroes of the Storm 2.0

A New Heroes of the Storm Reconnection Bug Appears to Be Real Pain

To be honest, this kind of Bugs are not pleasant at all, especially in games like Heroes of the Storm. I’ve been playing three games together with Dejan, hoping to develop a new guide and discover some new things in HotS, and in all three of them, Dejan has got disconnected without any chance to reconnect to the game. The game just kept on freezing on the reconnection window.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0

Blizzard stays quite on this after so many threads being opened regarding this issue on their official forum. What could be causing this issue? We think it’s some kind of Bug. After noticing a lot of players having the same issue, it has to be one. Even after a full restart of his PC, Dejan tried to reconnect but he still got dropped and he’s screen froze on the reconnect window. The sad part in all of this is that the disconnected players are still receiving their penalty, which is quite annoying.

For now, Blizzard is still quiet and we cannot find out what could be the source for this cause. As soon as we get more info we’ll post an update over here. Hopefully, everything will be alright and the reconnect Bug will no longer persist in Heroes of the Storm, letting players enjoy their game.



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  1. Ricardo Perdigão

    i have the same issue with hi-rez games, smite and paladins. maybe some technology/sw both using

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