Art of War: Red Tides gets new Bug Fixes and Various Improvements Thanks to Patch 0.6.5

You remember Art of War: Red Tides? That small game that everyone thought about is not going to succeed? Well, that game is booming nowadays. We made our Red Tides review amongst the very first out there, as soon as the game came out. Even though in the review the game was presented as a Worth to Try game, it seems like now it’s a must try game. For its caliber and title of a multiplayer strategy game, it seems very satisfying from any perspective. Thanks to patch 0.6.5, Art of War: Red Tides becomes a better game to enjoy, by far.

One of the most important factors is that Game Science has never stopped developing and fixing issues within their game, which contributes to a lot better community. Their latest patch, which actually came online today, seems to gets rid of lots of known issues within the game. Including both General and Bug fixes and improvements, this game is on a roll. If you’re eager to find out what’s been changed, you might want to check the list below.

Art of War Red Tides Patch 0.6.5 notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the occasional game crash in battle.
  • Fixed the bug of disbanded clan’s name still appearing in the clan ranking list
  • Fixed the bug of the 2500 soul essence being awarded to the team who didn’t kill the Dragon of Soul Essence.
  • Fixed the bug of the Chan Master’s bonus attack damage not showing in the description after the unit is upgraded to Lv3.
  • Fixed the error caused by inviting friends to compete in ranked game.
  • Fixed the incorrect stats under Summary screen, Profile.
  • Fixed the bug of the Lion Vanguard’s active ability not working occasionally.
  • Fixed the occasional game crash caused by the HEF Flamethrowers’ self-destruction when they are mind-controlled.
  • Fixed the Sacrifice’s incorrect damage output after it grows larger.
  • Fixed the bug of the soul essence not being increased after the Soul Essence Recycler explodes.
  • Fixed the incorrect description of Terran Anti-air Sentinel’s active ability Karna-2 Missile, as this ability actually only attacks 2 different air units.
  • Fixed the bug of units with 4 or 5 armor still being killed instantly by the Sawblade Shield Slave even if they carry the armor increasing Runes.
  • Fixed the problem of the Terran Butcher’s position being too behind the front line upon appearing on the battlefield. The Butcher is now placed in front of the infantries and motorcycles but behind the pavisers.


  • Clan leaders can now examine the personal information of commanders who apply to join their clans.
  • Optimized the movement of the soul essence mine after clicking it to upgrade.
  • Optimized the Atlac Thunder Hierophant’s automatic targeting after activating its ability.
  • Eased the tier restriction when inviting friends to team up. Players now can invite friends who are as much as 2 levels lower to compete in ranked game.
  • Optimized some commander avatars.
  • Softened the light effect of the Commander Skill Swap.
  • Corrected and optimized some in-game UI words.
  • Further shortened the matchmaking time.

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