Art of War: Red Tides Review, Worth a Try

Exploring new Indie games that come for free on Steam is a gamer’s Life. We somehow found Art of War: Red Tides Open Beta and comes as an early access on Steam. It seems like Game Science, the developers, made a really decent strategy multiplayer game. That’s why we are making this for Art of War: Red Tides review. Different than any other card games, you can just really relax and enjoy while playing it!

Set up your units, sit back and enjoy every fight you attend. At first look, the game looks really simple. However, if you look under the hood and go deeper, the game just becomes more and more fun. Sometimes you might go mad while playing these kinds of games and I totally understand that. At the beginning, the game will offer you tutorial missions for you to understand the game. Well, we’ve got to give the developers the credits for putting their efforts into creating such a tutorial. Given that fact, since the moment you start playing the game you will understand the mechanics, which and how to use the units the game offers.

It might seem like any other card game, but in this game you just set up your units and they respawn all over again. All you need to do is upgrade the cards according to the opponent’s units. Personally, I give a lot of credits to this game since its job is to relax you and enjoy the beautiful fight it offers. Well, after all, we are speaking about a strategy game. As you level up you open new units, getting a chance to set up a new army.

Daily quests, ranked or quick play to win resources so you can buy extra units which are unlocked. Level up and enjoy the battle!


Art of War: Red Tides offers one lane and gives the players a chance to choose which units to send down on the field. The game is pretty much Balanced. By watching what is going on on the field, you can counteract and pick other units suitable and counters the opponent’s units. The game is finished by destroying each opponent’s base. Also, Co-Oping is a way to win in a 3v3 team fight.


First of all, thank god we are gamers and we own gaming PC’s with a decent CPU’s and GPU’s. Now, let’s talk a little bit around this. It seems that Art of War: Red Tides offers really decent graphics where you can clearly see what is going on on the field. Every single fight is very clear and you can easily understand what actually you need to upgrade in case you’re losing the fight. When it gets really messy on the battlefield, there is a chance for you to experience a little bit of fps drops. It’s totally understandable because it gets really messy down there. That’s what actually makes this game so fun!


Speaking about the sound quality, it’s almost perfect. I mean, while it’s getting really messy on the field, there might be some kind of spikes. There might spawn a lot of waves where the music and in-game sound mix itself. It’s totally understandable and enjoyable thinking you are in a real war. Nothing else to say for the sound.

Overall, everything just seems so perfect and that’s why we recommend Art of War: Red Tides for you to try it. I hope this review will at least make you do that. Visit this link, download it and enjoy the fights Art of War: Red Tides offers you.

Art Of War: Red Tides


Our Score

It seems that these types of games can really offer a lot. Art of War: Red Tides does that in the right way.

User Rating: 5 ( 2 votes)
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