For Honor’s Beta Review: Where Amazing Happens!

Thanks to Ubisoft for letting all the players including us try the game. Trying out a cancerous game like For Honor was a real pleasure. Well, it’s time for us to write a little For Honor’s Beta Review, also a time to deploy our rarely noted opinions. One thing is right and that’s messing my own sleep schedule which made me feel like a devil.

Let’s just pass that out… let’s speak about the game. For Honor really offers a lot. One of my favorite things is that For Honor offers skillful matches, meaning you need to possess a set of skills in order to perform your Movesets on a whole new level! Let’s talk a little bit more about the game before we close this article.

For Honor’s Beta Review – Graphics and Sound

For Honor graphics are just insane, even if you play the game on low settings. You will be freaking amazed what the highest settings will offer to you. The Graphics Details, together with the all-around in-game sound is just freaking amazing. I do not have anything else to add or put screenshots of the game, cause you probably saw it too. Even though it was beta, I am making this review of the because it felt like the game offered everything it has! It really did!

1v1, 2v2 or Dominion

Offering 3 game modes is more than enough. A lot of you probably favored playing the Dominion, but, I played 1v1. This mode kept me going and going like freaking insane. Just as I said and also tweeted, the most cancerous game, a real plague. For Honor will definitely make you grinding whole day, even make you skip up your working hours :). That’s what happened with me, a real hardcore gamer was just grinding all day, not even being able to write at least one article on this website.

For Honor will definitely make you grind the whole day, it will even make you skip your working hours :). That’s what happened with me, a real hardcore gamer was just grinding all day, not even being able to write at least one article on this website.

1v1 as the Best Mode

Our thoughts on the game modes are not going to make anything change but we have to say it. For me, 1v1 was the best game mode For Honor offered, by far the best! Why? Because you are able to really deploy the needed skills and movesets in order to win the game. This mode will push you to get your gamepad ready (I honestly do not see a reason why to play on a Mouse and Keyboard).

Every class has its own Movesets or skills which they can perform, and you have to learn them precisely. I found the Counter-Attacking classes like Orochi and Peacemaker the best ones. Don’t know why, but they are my favorites. Only skillful players can join and dominate in this mode. Otherwise, all the plays should just enjoy playing Dominion when For Honor comes out.

2v2 – No Honor

Even though we won almost every single 2v2 game we played, there is a problem with this mode. I think that there should be some kind of a boundary between players so the first winner should not be able to go and kill the last guy. That is really NO HONOR. Our Thoughts? They should put a boundary so whenever the other fight finishes it goes down, meaning, the last 2 players will not receive an HP boost, which means they’ll continue where they left off. They also won’t be able to revive their friends, instead finish the battle. This is what I’ve been thinking of and this is why we are writing this review.

This transforms For Honor into a No Honor game. This game mode should be tweaked a bit and I hope it will. I mean, I hope I am not writing this review in order to be avoided.


In For Honor’s Dominion, seems like everything is perfect. I literally do not know what to add to this game mode because I think it’s really built precisely, all the way from the bottom to the top. However, I do not find it that interesting because a lot of players are just spamming the normal attacks whenever they fight. Also, skills are not that much needed except capturing a point and outsmarting the enemy team.

I still support this game mode, because it’s a good one and may break and come out on the competitive gaming scene. Of course if there’s any in the future. Game with a lot of potentials, indeed. I hope it and I will have a chance to participate in it. That would be awesome.

Classes and Factions

Let’s review a bit of this too. For Honor’s three Factions, Knights, Vikings and Samurai are just enough for this game. Offering different movesets and playstyle, this game just reaches the “unbelievable gameplay” for all the players. These factions are in a war and you will need to bring and conquer enemy’s territory by winning a match and deploying your troops onto a territory where your faction is fighting. This is global and that’s why players choose a faction they support since the beginning of the game.

Speaking of the classes. Everyone can counter everyone, the balance is real! Even though a lot of players have been crying because of the Nobushi’s range, you just need to learn their skills. That’s all you need to do for every other class in order to learn the attacks and movesets better. Knowing them well is the only way to proceed successfully. Well, we had no chance to do that because it was a closed beta. However, we’re looking forward to learning all the classes in the future and own 1v1, even though we did own it with the Peacemaker and the Orochi :).

The only For Honor’s downside was the Peer-to-Peer connection. That should not be allowed at all. Some players were not able to play with their friends and we’re really sorry about that. However, I am guessing that this was going on only throughout the Beta and will be fixed in the full release.

Our Thoughts

Guys, if you can afford, go for it and buy the game. I am telling you, this game is really going to make a change and be extremely beautiful and competitive! I hope that I will have the chance to make even a bigger review when the game comes out fully! Guides too, ofc. The game is coming out on February 14 this year. Looking forward to dominate every single fight when it comes out!

That’s all I can say for this game, I hope you’ll love this For Honor’s Beta “little” Review. I know I missed a lot, but let it stand for the next review when the games comes fully. Then, we gonna speak a lot. Do not forget to drop a Sub for more!

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