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Friday the 13th Patch 1.02 Should Fix the Perks Issue and Remove Exploits

After closely being monitoring on what’s happening, Friday the 13th will get rid of the already known and annoying issues. Thanks to this new patch 1.02 and player’s feedback, the devs have finally managed to find a way of dealing with some very known issues. Furthermore, to optimize all of the database, they have moved character profiles to the save file system, meaning that the Counselor Perk and Clothing sections together with Jason’s grab executions need to be assigned again.

Is this going to finally prevent any other glitches or issues with the game? Time will tell, however the devs are more than sure that they’re heading the right way as it is. Changing couple of issues and adding some improvements should fix the game in total.

What else is really important, the Infinite Stamina Glitch is no longer persistent, making players enjoy the game more in that perspective. If you still encounter connecting issues, make sure you go to “C:\Users\youaccountname\AppData\Local\SummerCamp\Saved\SaveGames” and remove all the files inside. This should fix your issues.

If you want to see the full changelog of Friday the 13th patch 1.02, you can visit the second page of this post.



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