Hosts can now Create Password Protected Lobbies in Age of Empires II: HD Edition Thanks to The Open Beta Update 5.5

Thanks to this Update players will now be finally able to set passwords to their lobbies, so they will avoid any bad experience. The newest Age of Empires II: HD Edition Open Beta update 5.5 will also improve the Frame Rates by around 15% thanks to the performance optimizations done. As most of the known issues are getting addressed, community issues are also being fixed, which should improve the player’s experience overall.

If you are one of the participants, you’ll be able to create an independent lobby without being bothered by anyone else. This was by far the most annoying issue as players were getting really frustrated. Also, as a performance optimization, researching spies during treaty will no longer cause a desync. At least that’s what the devs have claimed. However, if you’re experiencing the same issue, make sure you report it ASAP.

Below you can find the full changelog of this Open Beta update 5.5

Stability and Performance Improvements:

  • Performance optimizations should increase frame rates up to 15%
  • Researching spies during treaty should no longer causes a desync
  • Community Focused Bug Fixes:

Hosts are able to set a password for their lobby

  • Audio for notifications should no longer overlap and cause a loud noise
  • Audio for garrisoning / un-garrisoning should no longer overlap
  • Lobby civ pools should now be consistent for each host player
  • Lobby civ pools should now display the conquerors civilizations correctly
  • Lobby maps should now display random special and real world at the top of the list
  • Lobby maps no longer displays random special twice in the list
  • Lobby maps now selects DLC3 Random Real World maps correctly when appropriate

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