Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Health Patch 2.2.1 Will Arrive on June 7th, Fixing Issues and Preventing Spawn Kills

Rainbow Six Siege has recently received a new Operation Health, which should improve the game’s health from any perspective. It seems like Ubisoft is doing a great job, at least for now, fixing a lot of known issues and preventing Spawn Kills from occurring on some maps, making the game’s community really happy. Operation Health Patch 2.2.1 is scheduled to be released on June 7th for PC users, and June 20th for Consoles.

That’s not all, the newest patch of Operation Health, 2.2.1, will also add 1-step Step Matchmaking & Interactive Matchmaking, making the matchmaking more stable and faster while also make players able to purchase and equip items while the queue is ongoing. You can see how that works in the video down below:

Knowing that there were a lot of issues with the hitreg in Rainbow Six Siege, it’s finally coming down to an end by providing a rework of the hitbox on all operators. Mentioning Operators, Glaz will be nerfed in this update. Sadly, his gun won’t be that effective as before, lowering his damage per bullet and not having any kind of counter in the game at this moment. This will also push Glaz closer to the front-line operators.

Say Bye to Spawn Kills

Spawn Killing is finally going to be fixed for good now by adding some new map elements, therefore not letting the defending team to peek at the spawns. Chalet, Kanal and Consulate are now fixed, hiding the spawns away from defender’s perspective. This is just another way to go, making the game more effective than ever. You can see the images below

Operation Health Patch 2.2.1 feels like it’s doing some really great job. The developers behind the scenes are really working hard on finding and fixing broken things and annoying issues that we’ve been able to encounter in the game. Finally, it all comes down to an end. Hopefully, we won’t encounter anything else similar. This update will fix some bugs, and if you like to preview all of them, make sure you visit the second page of this post.

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