5 Things You Need To Know About The Evil Within 2

Sebastian Castellanos had some hard few years. His family fell apart, got laid off his job, and got trapped in a hellscape that was created in a serial killer’s mind. In The Evil Within 2, he was offered to make the biggest wrong get right, to save his family. On the other hand, he will have to step back into the nightmare.

So, what is new in The Evil Within 2? What is the difference between the first and the new chapter? Here is something that might answer your questions.

things you need to know about the evil within 2

What is the deal with Sebastian in The Evil Within 2?

He is alive, it is a good thing, depending on who you ask. For him it is not great. Going through all that virtual reality stuff, and going back to the real reality should’ve been a piece of cake for him.

But when he wanted to hunt down Mobius, nobody believed his story. Now everyone thinks he is crazy, and also lost his job because of it.

What about STEM? Is it the same as the first chapter?

It is not. It has a new name, Union. This one uses Lily’s mind as the Core, but Lily is missing inside of STEM. Yes, Lily is Sebastian’s daughter. This time though, Sebastian does not know about Union. Union was supposed to look like Small Town, USA. But this plan crashed because of Mobius. Something horrible is happening inside Union, causing it to fall apart. STEM worlds require a Core to exist, and Lily is missing. Since she is nowhere to be found, the world is beginning to deteriorate.

What characters are taking place in The Evil Within 2?

Kidman is a huge part of the story, but this is a completely different STEM world. STEM worlds are revolving around a Core’s own memories. Counter to this, Union was built using the mind of a little girl who does not know about her memories that she had in the first game. In the second game, there are mostly new characters.Sebastian?

What is Sebastian’s mission in The Evil Within 2?

Sebastian is the last one that Mobius will send into Union. Other agents were sent before him, but they did not have much luck. After they go missing, Mobius sees that Sebastian is their only opportunity of saving Union from a collapse. Sebastian does not care about Union, he cares about his daughter. But because the worlds are deteriorating, he is in a race against time.

When Sebastian arrives in Union, the city is collapsing and the Mobius team is nowhere to be found. He can find them while exploring the world, and they might offer side quests that lead him to new weapons and resources.

things you need to know about the evil within 2

Will I see Juli Kidman?

Unlike in the first game, she did not travel into STEM with Sebastian, but he is still contacting her through a communicator device. Being a link of his to the real world, Kidman will provide Sebastian some information about Union, Lily and the other Mobius agents.

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