PlayStation 5 Might Be Coming In Late 2019 As The Video Game Analyst Michael Pachter Says, Here Is Why

Michael Pachter is speculating that a PS5 might arrive in 2019, maybe 2020. Pachter was asked to give his thoughts on what the next Sony console might be. He is a research analyst with knowledge about the industry and is also well known for his hit-or-miss predictions.

Pachter believes that Sony will fall into pace with the 2016 launch of the PS4 Pro. He says that the next Sony console will most likely use the PS5 branding, but it will not be a big step from the Pro.

This will put the PS5 launch in 2019, just three years after Pro launched, just as the Pro was three years after the PS4.

He was asked about his thoughts on Sony making risks in the future, but he is not stating them here. His thoughts are that the PS5 will be a simple technological step forward. 4K is on focus for Pachter too, as he thinks that the 4K TV market will reach 50% in the USA by 2019.

We all ask ourselves, will Sony’s next console be backwards compatible with the PS4. Jim Ryan of PlayStation Europe is now famously quoted from E3 this year saying, “Why would anyone play this?” regarding backwards compatibility for the PS3 on PS4.

Fans are still wondering if this is Ryan’s personal thoughts or a pervasive sentiment within the company.

But Pachter’s thoughts are just informed speculation. Everything he has to say about the PS5 are conclusions that probably everyone has. It would have been interesting if he had an opinion on whether Microsoft’s Xbox plans would somehow affect Sony, but the chances are that he would say they would not. What he did not say, is that Sony is pretty confident in the path they are already in, regarding PlayStation.

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