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Dota 2: The International 7 Last Day of the Group Stage, Liquid and LFY Holding the Top

This year’s TI is full of surprises. LGD.Forever Young is holding the top of their group without offering that big of a hero pool. They seem to have a comfortable approach by just using a couple of favorite heroes. They have just proved that even if it’s The International, you do not need to be a Stats Guru in order to succeed. After Group Stage Day 3 is over, the Standings are quite the same with Liquid holding the top in Group 1, and LFY holding the top in Group 2.

Tough Road for Team OG and Secret

Today is the judgment day for Team OG and Team Secret, and they need to pull up something incredible in order to avoid the lower bracket when the main event starts. Knowing that is the last day of the group stage, there’s no room for failure. The main event is going to start on Monday, 7th of August.

Before the start of the event, Team Liquid was definitely expected to top their group together with Virtus Pro, but it seems like Group 2 is kind of twisted. Virtus Pro is definitely one of the favorites for this year’s TI title, but LFY is the headache-creating team to every other team. They seem very confident overall.

It’s going to be a tough fight in the last day of the Group Stage, Day 4, so you better not miss the action. The International has always been a surprising event, bringing new META to Dota 2 in general. However, this year’s meta has already been known, and we haven’t seen anything new. Every team sticks to their picks at which their most comfortable playing.

We’re honestly concerned about Team OG, as they’re about to drop to the lower bracket and have a tough road from there. They need to change their pace, as this is the final and last day of the group stage. They might be the most resilient team and successful team in the world, but starting up low will bring you nothing else except a failure. Their aggressiveness is missing and the team doesn’t feel the same as before. It’s the last day to step up, leaving no room for further improvements.

TI 7 – Day 3 – Group 1 Standings

TI 7 – Day 3 – Group 2 Standings



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