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The International 7 Biggest Surprise: The Unbeaten OpenAI Bot

This year’s biggest TI 7 surprise is the OpenAI bot along the two new heroes scheduled to come in Dota 2. This bot is unbeaten by any of the professionals at TI 7. Arteezy, Sumail and even Dendi have failed against him. The OpenAI bot is a 1v1 bot who’s “designed to beat professionals with an ease”. It’s just ridiculously strong and aggressive. The best part of this story is that the OpenAI bot has been learning and improving all by himself by just playing games.

In both behind the scenes and TI 7’s main stage, the bot has managed to beat some of the best Dota 2 professional players. Dendi had the chance to experience the bot on the main stage, but the OpenAI Bot was just too powerful for him. Dendi lost in both of the matches against him, surrendering in the second one, while Arteezy has a record of 0-10 against the Bot. Charming, isn’t it?

Sadly, every single one of the players who tried to beat the bot got totaled. The same has happened to Dendi and you can watch the video of Dendi’s failure below. So far, the bot is still unbeaten and most of the fans cannot wait to try the OpenAI bot by themselves.

It’s really amazing to engineer this type of masterpiece. Most of the pros can start practicing around it and maybe learn something new. For now, OpenAI is just a 1v1 project, but the next project they’re working on is the 5v5 bot development. It’s just amazing to see a robot demolishing professional players. Completely outstanding.



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