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Valve Has Announced Artifact, Their Upcoming Dota 2 Card Game

It looks like Blizzard will have a much tougher competition when it comes to this type of games. It’s not Half-Life 3 which everyone expected to see, instead, it’s Artifact! A new Dota 2 based Card Game.

It will include Heroes from Valve’s best and most played game title, Dota 2. We’re short on details, but the game was announced before the end of the second day at The International 7. After the official announcement, Artifact’s twitter is live, and we should expect any additional info over there.

As a more experienced portal, Polygon’s has a quite good explanation on what Artifact really is:

Artifact is a card game based on Dota 2 involving three boards and a selection of characters from Valve’s flagship game, though other details remain light. The game was announced just before the final match of Day 2 of TI7 by event host Sean “Day9” Plott, who gave a vague description of the game that seemed to indicate it would involve building barracks, creeps, and lanes (after suggesting the announcement was not related to Dota 2). Comparisons to Blizzard’s Hearthstone seem inevitable.

Artifact, coming in the newest generation of card games, should include amazing animations where a Deck of Radiant and Dire heroes battle between each other. While everyone lacks on more details about Artifact, you can make your own guess on twitter, addressing Artifact.

Below you can Artifact’s Teaser:



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