Destiny 2 PC Bans Players Over a Game Capture Software

While most of the players around the world thought it’s fun and controversial to be banned over a game capture software, it seems like Bungie doesn’t care about it at all. Well, it’s not their fault because of their choice to make their anti-cheat system so strict that will start banning Destiny 2 players for using a game capture software like OBS.

Destiny 2

Open Broadcaster software can be set up not just to broadcast live streams on twitch, but also to record your favorite game. However, it seems that the anti-cheat keeps doing the same job as in the PC Open Beta of Destiny 2, so whenever there’s an application that interacts with the game, might and will get you banned.

People that have gotten banned after the official Destiny 2 PC launch yesterday have either been using external FPS counters, Third party applications like OBS, or in the least case scenario, hacks to try and break the game even after the first day of its launch.

Bungie has been quite strict and explanatory around this question, letting people know that there must have been a reason for the particular ban to occur. However, Bungie has not ruled out the potential threat from applications like OBS and XSplit, screen overlays software, Mumble, Discord (if ran as administrator), EVGA Precision and the most vulnerable, Fraps. Fraps come with an FPS counter which pretty much comes as a screen overlay after launch, which might be one of the reasons for a ban.

Fans and affected players have been reporting this issue on both the official Bungie forums and Reddit, where sadly they haven’t found any reasonable explanation on why the bans occurred. I, personally, love strict and punishable anti-cheats which are going to break even a fly on the monitor, not to mention the interfere by using other third-party apps. For now, Bungie doesn’t have a “right” answer to all the bans, but for all the rest, make sure you do not use any third party software when running Destiny 2. At least not until the official Statement of Destiny 2’s approved applications.

Using GeForce Experience is one thing, using OBS or XSplit is another. GeForce Experience could not be banned by any case, as they’ve released their optimizations for Destiny 2, which means they’ve been working together with Bungie to determine the best configuration so players can run the game smoothly.

I am truly sad for those who had been using a third party capture app and got banned, but infrequently happy for those who have actually tried to hack in Destiny 2 and still got banned. Everyone affected by Destiny 2’s anti-cheat system, you may want to read Bungie’s policy on using Third-Party apps in Destiny 2.

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