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Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid is Now Available on PC

Bungie has just announced that the Leviathan Raid is Available on PC, therefore, players might enjoy and try to beat the record already set by console players. This has been also tweeted out by Bungie. Leviathan Raid has been completed right after its release on Console by some of the top-notch teams.

Doing Raids in Destiny 2 is nothing different than as doing them in some other game. You’ll get the same difficulty and amount of time you need to spend in order to finish the raid. Leviathan Raid is particularly the same to that.

Taking into account the screen stutter bug, players might be pushed to ignore the Leviathan Raid today and wait for the bug fix to be deployed tomorrow. We would also recommend you to educate yourself on the Leviathan Raid by watching some youtube videos of players doing it. You do not want to enter the raid without any basic knowledge. Otherwise, you may struggle a longer period of time while you’re there.



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